#May30x30 - Part One

Updated: May 2, 2020

Okay here we go, starting my first official 30x30! If you are unfamiliar with the term, this means that you pick 30 items in your closet to wear over the next 30 days. These items will include shirts, pants, jackets, shoes, dresses, jumpsuits - you know, main things you wear. Things that don't need to count toward your total are accessories, pjs, workout gear, intimates, etc. The thing I love most about the # May30x30 is how laid back the hosts, Jasmine and Sarah are about it. To recap some of the reminders they've shared about the challenge - You can change your mind about the pieces you choose! If halfway through the month you realize the heavy sweater you chose just isn't working with the weather, its okay to swap it out for something else that you will get more use out of. If you want to take a day, or three, off let yourself unapologetically hangout in sweatpants! I already know I'll probably not end up posting everyday. I've noticed that when I get too caught up in trying to stay on a super consistent schedule, I burn out much quicker. And while recently I have let this space turn into a bit more of a business to help supplement my Fridays, the main goal has always been to create community and have fun! When I don't feel like I'm having fun, I definitely start to question why I'm here. So, if you need to hear it too, lets have some fun!

Okay, so while I have done plenty 10x10s in the past, (10 items for 10 days) I've always been reluctant to dive into a 30x30. For a quick recap, my slow fashion journey has definitely been a long process. I've been almost exclusively a thrifter for ~10 years now. I would love to say I started thrifting as a way to combat fast fashion and global impact, but in reality this was way before I was thinking about the impact of my shopping habits on a global scale. I just thrifted because I loved shopping, and I could afford to thrift much easier than I could afford to pay full price for things. It wasn't until around 2015 when I became the buyer for a retail store in Portland where I started to understand the impacts of fast fashion and learn about the other options out there. But anyway, that's for another day. Thrifting became a hoarding mentality for me. I'll do a whole deep dive into this in another post, but the point is that even though I was thrifting, I was shopping like a discount fast fashion fanatic. I was buying things based on being excited about a brand I found and not considering fit, style, or the likelihood of me actually wearing it. For almost 10 years my bedroom floor was a river of clothing, most of which I had either never worn or only worn a handful of times, and I was drowning. It wasn't until 2018 when my husband and I moved to SF, where I decided this lifestyle needed to end and the thrifty tomboy began. Again, I'll dive into that more later - but to refocus back to the point of this post, I've always been afraid to do a 30x30 because it has never felt like enough. I've secretly worried that there was "no way I'd be able to ONLY wear 30!! pieces for a whole month!!" I look back and smile at how far this journey has taken me. While I still have way too much clothing, this past year, especially these past six months, I've really leaned into what I wanted my personal style to not only look like, but also feel like. I've noticed that I've been reaching for the same pieces over and over and I am so excited to see how far I've come while taking part in this challenge.

Okay, okay. Enough about my backstory. I can never get any of these posts published because I tend to drone on and on. Ha! But now onto the good stuff:

My current schedule is four days at work (one doing coffee production, three office days) and three days at home so I've taken my schedule, the weather, and my desire for comfort into account while picking my pieces. I started by throwing everything on the bed that I saw that I'd possibly want to include. This may not be the cleanest method, but it sure is fun, ha! I counted up what I had tossed and had 23 pieces. I could have added a couple pairs of shoes and wildcards and called it good, but just as I would expect, it was mostly pants and jackets. haha! My weakness has always been pants and jackets. I hate buying tops for some reason. So anyways, while this didn't surprise me at all, I decided I should probably try evening out my piles and adding a couple of dresses/jumpsuits which were hanging up and went completely unnoticed during the piling process. I reminded myself that, no Courtney, you do not need 20 pairs of pants, and went back to work taking a little more thought into it this go around. Here's what I ended up with along with any links I can find that are the same or similar if you're interested in any of the pieces I picked! (Full disclosure: They're not affiliate links, I haven't gotten around to setting all that jazz up yet, ha! But let me know if you end up getting something so we can talk about how great it is!)


1. Richer Poorer Relaxed Crop

2. Richer Poorer Relaxed Crop

3. Richer Poorer Relaxed Long Sleeve

4. Flashlight Coffee graphic tee

5. Only Child Alta Top

6. Old Madewell tank

7. Only Child Dylan Tunic

8. Tradlands Jude Sweater

9. Old Whimsy and Row tank

Bottoms + One Pieces:

1. Only Child Solana

2. Elizabeth Suzann Florence

3. Only Child Ryan

4. Everlane Wide Leg Crop

5. Madewell Perfect Vintage Jean

6. Elizabeth Suzann Clyde

7. Madewell Demi Crop

8. Jungmaven Button Front Jumper

9. Vintage Flax dress


1. Vintage denim chore coat

2. Madewell Courtland Cardigan

3. Mien Painters Jacket

4. Only Child Cardiff Trench

5. Flashlight crewneck


1. Freda Salvador Keen mules

2. Bryr Suzie Spanish clog

3. Madewell Noelle slingback

4. *Saving a spot for a good Monday work shoe

Wildcards: 3

- I'll be saving three pieces in case there's anything I add later. I could possibly see adding a couple more dresses, a bodysuit if I end up wearing it as a top, or another pair of shoes as the weather warms up and changes throughout the month.


I wanted to take a minute and set some intentions for the Month of May as well as note a few things I've noticed from the pieces I picked out.

- The main personal goal from this challenge is to show myself that I can be perfectly content with a small wardrobe. I want to be able to have a small closet full of things I love rather than an overwhelming closet full of "good deals". This way I can really dive into my personal style and get rid of things that no longer serve my body or lifestyle.

-I've always been a lover of color, but for some reason I've been heavily drawn to neutrals lately. Instead of fighting it, I've let myself embrace it and it has made getting ready each day so much easier. This month it will be interesting to see if I'm craving some color or if I do want to keep my palate pretty neutral going forward.

- I put aside a few of my most worn pieces in an effort to style new pieces recently added to my wardrobe. The goal of this will be to make some go-to outfits to help my new pieces feel at home in my closet. I also ended up throwing in a pair of Everlane wide leg pants I was actually planning on getting rid of. They don't fit quite right and I haven't been reaching for them over the past year, but I really love the color of them. I had been planning on selling these and saving up to buy a pair of Elizabeth Suzann Culottes in the new cotton canvas pre-order but now that the timeline is unsure on that end, I thought I would reintroduce these pants for the time being. If I end up loving the outfit combos, and still not loving the fit I'll be on the hunt for a nice replacement pair!

- I still need to figure out what a good work shoe will be going into spring. I usually wear a pair of Red Wing or Blundstone boots on production days, but now that the weather is warming up I'm not sure if I'll want to continue to wear boots or move onto lighter footwear. I do have a pair of Vans I'll probably end up throwing in, but they're looking a little beat up these days so it may be a good idea to start brainstorming a sustainable alternative this season.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments if you are also joining in on the challenge or if you have any questions about the pieces I chose! I'm looking forward to keeping you all updated on my thoughts throughout the month!


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